3 Weird Benefits of Tiny Home Living

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Here are 3 benefits to living in a tiny home that you may not have thought of…

Tiny homes are all the rage these days, as more people are becoming sick of the rat race and seeking to downsize and simplify. Living in a tiny home truly can help you to embrace and appreciate the simple things in life. Plus they are typically a whole lot cheaper to buy and maintain than a regular house. Many tiny homes are highly energy-efficient and may make use of alternative energy sources such as solar panels, which can easily support their smaller footprint. Some tiny homes are even mobile, so if you have wanderlust, you can take your home with you wherever you go!

But besides a lighter environmental impact and a lower cost, tiny homes have a few other unexpected benefits as well. Here are 4 additional benefits reported by one resident on ElephantJournal.com:

1. Less Clutter & Stress

One benefit is simplifying your space. Many people are obsessed with space and storage. They need lots of space for the lots of stuff that they own…

When we live in a small apartment or tiny home, we need to do a major clearing at least twice a year. Clutter is definitely the enemy of small places, so it’s a good practice to let go of what we no longer need on a regular basis…

Having too many things actually decreases our quality of life. Why? Because we can’t find what we are looking for, we get stressed because we’re surrounded by stuff, and we realize we wasted our money on items that we don’t really need.


2.) The Joy of Giving Stuff Away

I used to buy CDs and DVDs in the past. Luckily now, everything is digitized which makes it easier to keep things minimal. It was rewarding to donate boxes of CDs and DVDs to charity shops and gain more space on my shelves in exchange. There’s an inebriating feeling of freedom from giving away stuff (of course, we can sell it too). I felt much lighter. I also stopped worrying about losing things. The less we have, the less we have to worry about.

3.) A More Eco-Conscious Mindset

…My utility bills are quite low because a small home doesn’t require as much energy to heat up during the winter. I also decided to be more efficient with the way I cook as well. If I have to use the oven, I prepare two meals or two courses at the same time and cook them together to save electricity. I believe if I was living in a larger home, I would not be as attentive to my electricity consumption.

In a way, having a smaller home means we get to really observe our behaviors because everything has a big impact. If we’re not tidy, we can’t hide anything in the spare room because there isn’t one.

I have become more disciplined, tidier, and more conscious about the environment as a result of living in a tiny home.

Do you or have you lived in a tiny home? What benefits did you experience? Comment below, or join the discussion on our Facebook page!


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