5 Positive Steps Towards 100% Renewable Energy

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While it seems the world is often filled with bad news about the environment, pollution, and climate change, in truth there are some great strides being made towards a more sustainable future – especially in the renewable energy world. Here are 5 signs of hope.

As you may have noticed if you’ve been checking out this blog over the past few months, a growing number of cities, states, and even countries have been increasing their reliance on renewable energy. In fact, as we mentioned earlier, several countries have already switched to 100% renewable energy sources, and others are setting (and achieving) similar goals every year.

There are 5 major developments that are enabling this shift, according to the new report from Clean Edge, “Getting to 100:

  • A resilient grid
  • A rise in net zero buildings and smart connected devices
  • Energy storage availability and affordability
  • Proliferation of utility-scale renewables
  • Cost-effective status of distributed solar across geographies

Check out the full article at RenewableEnergyWorld.com to learn more…


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