How to Make a Hay Feeder Out of An Old Crib

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Here’s how to repurpose an old baby crib into a DIY hay feeder!

If you keep grass-eating animals on your homestead or hobby farm, you likely supplement with hay during part of the year. While you can buy a hay feeder, why drop $100 bucks on something you can make yourself for FREE?

This innovative design from Weed Em And Reap turns an old baby crib into an all-purpose hay feeder that will work for all sorts of animals – from sheep and goats, to cows, llamas, or even horses.

If you don’t have an old crib somewhere in your attic already, you can easily find one on Craigslist for super cheap – or possibly even free. Obviously it doesn’t have to be in great condition for this usage, so if it has scratches and dings, peeling paint, or even a couple of missing slats it should still work fine.

Although every crib is a little different, so you will need to play around with yours and figure out what works best (either way it should be super easy), here are a couple of general tips for repurposing a crib into a hay feeder for your animals:

…Basically you first want to make the base fixed and permanent.  Most cribs have the bottom raise and lower.  We want to stop that.  Use some 2 inch screws, and screw into the base (or the rails that hold the base) to make it fixed.

The other thing that you need to do is to put the sides at an angle…  Unscrew them or unbolt them from their original places.  Use 2 inch screws to screw them at an angle to the frame of the crib…

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Image Credit: Weed Em And Reap


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