[Podcast] Raising Backyard Meat Chickens

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Provide your own hormone and chemical-free meat and reduce your reliance on the industrial food chain by raising meat chickens. Here are some tips for getting started…

If you want to take control of your food supply and stop supporting industrially farmed meat, and you’re ready to try raising some of your own, raising meat chickens is a great place to start. Not only are backyard meat chickens relatively inexpensive to raise, but they are also fairly easy and don’t take as much space as sheep or cows.

You can also put your meat birds to work for you – they provide a great source of garden fertilizer – either by composting their bedding for a year or two, or by allowing them to forage and scratch in the garden area in the fall or winter months, where they will add their droppings to the soil in small amounts and till them in for you. If allowed to free range, your meat chickens will also eat up lots of bugs and help keep pests under control.

This helpful podcast episode discusses how to get started with raising chickens for meat, from shelter and infrastructure requirements, to feeding, managing, and butchering. You’ll also learn about space requirements, breed considerations, sourcing your meat chickens, when to harvest, and more.

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