[Video] How to Purify Water In The Wilderness (4 Ways)

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In a survival scenario, it pays to be prepared. Here are a few ways to purify water in case of an off-grid emergency.

Whether you’re roughing it through the Alps, caught out in the wild in an emergency situation, or enjoying an off-off-grid vacation in the wilderness, there are times when you may need to drink water from the landscape around you. In these cases, making the water safe to drink will be your highest priority.

In this helpful video, Dr. Anja Whittington shares 4 different ways of purifying water in the wilderness, depending on what materials you have available to you. She also discusses some of the potential side-effects of drinking contaminated water, and the importance of being prepared for any scenario.


For lots more tips on finding and purifying water in the wilderness, check out this excellent guide


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