13 Tips for Using Chickens In the Garden

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Chickens can clean up debris, eat pests, and enrich your soil – but they can also cause problems in the garden. Here are 13 tips for success when gardening with chickens.

Chickens can be great garden helpers – but they can also be problematic if you don’t manage them properly. In the Pioneering Today podcast episode below, Lisa from Fresh Eggs Daily discusses 13 things you should know about using chickens in the garden, including tips for free-ranging chickens (when it works and when it doesn’t), using your chickens to clean up the fall garden, chickens in the spring and summer garden, dealing with chickens around shrubs and trees, protecting them from predators, training your dog to live peacefully with your chickens, and more.

If you’ve been wanting to let your chickens loose in your garden but were afraid to, or if you have tried it before and experienced problems, you will definitely want to check out this podcast!

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