3 Fun & Eco-Friendly Gift Wrap Ideas

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Cut down on waste this holiday season and have some fun with these creative and eco-friendly gift wrap ideas…

The holidays are here, and as much fun as the season can be, this time of year is also the time that generates the most waste. According to the Clean Air Council, Americans go through more than 4 million tons of wrapping paper and shopping bags each year. Just during the holidays, about 227,000 miles’ worth of wrapping paper gets thrown away globally—enough to circle the world nine times!

While some wrapping paper is recyclable, most is not due to the dye and lamination processes used in making all that bright, shiny paper. This means that most of your wrappings will end up in a landfill somewhere.

This year, in the interest of our planet, why not try sustainable, reusable gift wrap options instead?

Here are 3 eco-friendly gift wrap ideas to try this year – not only are they less wasteful, but they’re fun and creative alternatives to traditional wrapping paper that your gift recipients will also appreciate!

1.) Use newspapers or magazines.

Now is the perfect opportunity to sift through that stack of New Yorkers sitting in your kitchen corner and use it to fashion a DIY wrapping. If you’re feeling extra artsy, jazz up your gift’s brainy exterior with sprigs from your Christmas tree or small trinkets you have lying around.

2.) Repurpose your old maps or calendars.

These make for transcendent, dreamy wrappings that will transport your giftee to faraway lands.

3.) Ditch the wrapping altogether.

Make your wrapping vessel a present all its own by enveloping gifts in pretty fabrics, decorative scarves, or bright dishcloths. You can also nestle smaller presents in storage baskets or mason jars. The possibilities really are endless. Better yet, leave your gifts loose and hide them around the house for a little Christmas or Hanukkah treasure hunt. Because who doesn’t love a new tradition?

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