3 Fun & Thoughtful Eco-Friendly Mason Jar Gift Ideas

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Reduce packaging waste this holiday season with these fun DIY Mason jar gift ideas…

Handmade gifts are a great way to show your friends and family how much you care about them, while reducing your environmental impact and escaping some of the commercialism of the season. The 3 fun Mason jar gift ideas below will help to reduce waste and save some money on your holiday giving this year.

There are lots of other ideas you can try as well, so use the 3 below for inspiration to come up with your own fun Mason jar gifts! Fill your jars with homemade herb and spice mixes for a friend who loves to cook. Or homemade scented candles or preserves. Or colorful dried or home-dehydrated fruits or vegetables from your garden. Or homemade cookies, because, well, who doesn’t love cookies?

Wrapping your gifts in reusable Mason jars will cut down on packaging waste, and give your gifts a lovely vintage feel!

1. Handy sewing kit in a jar.

The perfect gift for a college student, busy mom or your bestie who loves to sew is a Mason jar filled with sewing notions like small scissors, measuring tape and so on. To make your gift extra adorable, drop in some vintage buttons once you’ve put it all together. The buttons will fill up the empty spaces and add some beautiful color. Consider adding a gift card to a local sewing shop.

2. Homemade beauty in a jar.

Mason jars are perfect for packaging a homemade shaving cream, sugar or coffee scrub or other DIY beauty product. Not only are they a great way to reuse your glass jars, your concoctions will stay fresher longer in glass. Put a pretty ribbon around the lid, add a cute tag, and your gift is ready to go.

3. Recipe in a jar.

Layering the dry ingredients for a delicious cookie in a Mason jar is a great gift. Not only is it easy to do, it’s nice to get and makes baking those delicious cookies fun. This can be a really good teacher’s gift, especially if you have a bunch of wonderful teachers you want to show your appreciation for. Buy your ingredients, measure each, then layer them into your jar. Make sure your jar is big enough to hold all the ingredients. Also, a wide-mouth jar is easier for this.

Find more fun Mason jar gift ideas at Earth911.com


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