3 Green Tips for the Eco-Friendly Pet Owner

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Try these healthier & more sustainable choices for eco-friendly pet care…

Those who strive to embrace a greener and more sustainable lifestyle may often consider things like how to reduce food waste, buy less plastic, reduce your energy usage, or collect recyclables. But do you ever stop to think about your pet’s “carbon pawprint”? Being an eco-friendly pet owner might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you consider sustainability, but with millions of pets in the U.S. alone, the choices you make for your pet can make a difference for the planet.

Here are 3 areas where you can make greener and eco-friendly pet choices:

Pet Supplies

Just as you would for your human children when buying toys, toiletries, and beds, opt for products made from recycled or sustainably conscious materials. Brands like Aussie Naturals use materials like jute, natural wool, and coconut fibers in their products, which are responsibly made to naturally stand the test of time…and your dog’s playful biting.

When it comes to shampoos, conditioners, and other grooming must-haves, look for environmentally friendly options like Earthbath that are paraben- and synthetic-free and come in eco-friendly packaging. You can even choose to bypass packaging altogether with low-waste options like shampoo bars. They’ll provide all the grime removal without extra packaging. Win-win. (1)

Pet Food

…When considering a food for your pet, opt for a brand like Nature’s Logic, which is a premium, 100% natural food. When we say natural, we mean TRULY natural: There are zero chemically synthesized vitamins, minerals, or other human-made nutrients, and no artificial flavorings, colorings, or chemical preservatives…

…With Nature’s Logic, you can feel confident knowing your dog won’t be exposed to any potential toxicities from human-made additives, and you’re doing good for the planet. Headquarters, as well as the production of the kibble and packaging, is powered with 100% renewable electricity. The brand’s Distinction line is packaged in Certified Plastic Neutral bags, and the newest recipes are made with MSC-certified seafood. Plus, their latest treat options come in bags made of 45% Post-Consumer Recycled materials. Synthetic-free nutrition, responsibly packaged, and manufactured with renewable energy—could you ask for anything more? (1)

Pet Waste

Rather than grabbing a plastic bag you may (though shouldn’t!) have lying around, try using Earth Rated compostable poop bags—an ideal zero-waste container for your dog’s, well, waste. Check your municipality to be sure they accept pet waste for composting, but many do… (1)

Got a cat? Choose a biodegradable cat litter. Alternative litters may be made from a variety of materials alone or in mixtures including paper, corn, walnuts, wheat, wood, pine, and grass. Here are a few good ones to consider. (2)

By choosing eco-friendly pet options for feeding, play, and waste disposal, you can help your pet live a healthier and more sustainable life, and reduce your furry companion’s impact on the planet!






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