5 DIY Zero-Waste Holiday Decor Ideas

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Create sustainable holiday memories with these fun DIY zero-waste holiday decor tips!

Growing up in the country, we never had much money, but we still made the most of the holidays! We’d cut down a cedar tree from the woods on our property, drag it home, and decorate it with homemade decorations such as gingerbread, constructions paper cut-outs, and popcorn and cranberry garlands. My grandmother sent us a few of her old glass ornaments, which we treasured, and we painstakingly picked all the tinsel off the tree after the holidays and saved it for the next year. I’d say in terms of zero-waste holiday decor, we had it down! And while it might not have been as “flashy” as some Christmas trees, I wouldn’t have traded our homemade decorations for anything.

Not only will making your own DIY ornaments cut down on waste, but it will also save you a lot of money! Here are 5 zero-waste holiday decor ideas to create your own sustainable holiday tradition this year:

1.) Greenery

Find native pine trees in your area and give them a trim. Take the excess limbs and tie them together to make a garland, table centerpiece, or wreath…

2.) Pine Cones

Because anything from a pine tree is synonymous with the Holidays, right? Simply leave them in a bowl, tie a ribbon to them and hang as ornaments, add them to a holiday wreath, or even string them as a garland.

3.) Popcorn & Cranberry Garland

With a needle and thread, string popcorn and cranberries until you get your desired length. Use the garland to decorate the Christmas tree or hang on windows. At the end of the season, hang the garland outside for birds and squirrels to eat!

4.) Gingerbread

Bake up some homemade gingerbread and adorn your tree with gingerbread people or decorate your tables with festive gingerbread houses. It’s not only a beautiful, low waste way to decorate but a great way to make some holiday memories with your loved ones – and it will add some warm holiday scent to your home!

5.) Foraged Wreath

If you live in a rural area, forage around your home to find unique and interesting materials to create a homemade holiday wreath. You can not only decorate your own home with them, but they also make great holiday gifts!

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