5 Surprisingly Simple Ways Absolutely Anyone Can Go Green

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Here are some super-easy, super-cheap, and surprisingly effortless ways that absolutely anyone can go green starting right now…

As we often like to emphasize, going green doesn’t have to be expensive – and it’s not something that only wealthy people can do. In fact, choosing to go green can actually often save you money! This Saturday is Earth Day – a time when more people think about doing things that take care of the planet, so below are a few tips that absolutely anyone can use to reduce your planetary impact and live a more sustainable and environmentally responsible lifestyle.

Doing things like planting trees, buying a more fuel-efficient car, and composting are all excellent ways to go green, but living more sustainably can actually be much simpler than that.

Here are some simple, practical, and super-easy ways to reduce your environmental footprint, improve the health of our planet, and maybe even save some money in the process:

1. Maximize your use of daylight.

Try dimming your lights as the evening progresses, avoiding the use of backlit screens a few hours before sleeping, and going to bed earlier to sync your body’s rhythms to natural daylight.

Blue light suppresses your body’s natural production of melatonin, a hormone that regulates sleep, so dimming your lights and avoiding blue light later in the evenings can improve your sleep quality. Not to mention, it will cut down on your electricity use…

2. Get an aerator for all your faucets.


This is probably one of the easiest, most mindless ways you can help save water (and the energy it takes to heat up water)…

3. Adopt and take care of more native plants.

…One simple way to offset your footprint a bit is to grow and harvest more carbon-sucking plants. These plants can also help boost our moods, increase our immunity, make us more productive, and reduce our overall stress levels…

4. Use the AC and heater only when absolutely necessary.

Instead of turning on the air conditioner or heater immediately upon entering your car or home, let your body adjust to the ambient temperature for a few minutes first.

Thermoregulation is a natural function of the human body… If you feel a little too cold, try moving your body around, drinking hot beverages, throwing on a blanket, and snuggling with your pets or loved ones first. If you’re too warm, drink some water and sit still for a few minutes. By reducing your use of air conditioners and heaters, you can majorly cut down on your carbon footprint and electricity bills…

5. Schedule your errands in advance.

If you typically commute by car or bus, chunking errands that need to take place in the same area of town can help you to reduce your personal emissions from transportation and help you save time…

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