7 Benefits of A Minimalist Lifestyle

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Living a minimalist lifestyle can lead to great happiness and fulfillment and less stress – among other benefits. Here’s how you can benefit…

Some people who identify themselves as minimalists define this “less is more” practice as owning 100 things or less. Others who enjoy a minimalist lifestyle don’t obey a strict rule that dictates exactly how many items they have – they simply limit the number of physical possessions they own and purchase, and practice this ideology on an ongoing basis.

But however you define minimalism, there are some definite benefits to the idea that you shouldn’t be defined by the number of things you have. Here are 7 good reasons to embrace a minimalist lifestyle.

1.) Lower Stress Levels

When you own fewer possessions, you have less stress and anxiety. After all, you don’t have to worry as much about maintaining, protecting, repairing and insuring possessions when you own fewer of them!

2.) Your Wallet Gets Fatter

Here’s a good way to start minimizing your consumption: monitor all of your purchases for 30 days. Strictly judge whether or not you need any and every one of them, before plunking down the money. You will automatically notice more money in your bank account at the end of that month. When you own fewer things (and buy fewer things) there is more money available for you to save, or channel in other directions that provide you with more fulfillment than mere “stuff” can offer.

3.) You’ll Spend Less Time Cleaning

This is a benefit of minimalism that not a lot of people think about. The more things you own, the more things you have to clean, dust, wash and maintain. Cleaning out clutter not only clears your mind and living environment, but also frees up valuable time you would have spent on housekeeping tasks, which means…

4.) More Free Time

Researching, shopping, negotiating, travel time and even trial periods where you test out a product for free all require your time and attention. (Not to mention the previously discussed cleaning, upkeep, and maintenance of those possessions once you buy them.) You treat yourself to a ton of free time when you are engaging in these activities less and less often.

5.) A Sense of Freedom

When you have a lot of stuff, you feel anchored to those possessions. People that practice a minimalist lifestyle say that one of the first feelings they enjoy is a sense of freedom, as if a weight has been taken away, since they don’t have to worry about so much “stuff” anymore.

6.) You Contribute to a Cleaner Environment

Yes, you help improve the health of the planet when you go minimal! Unchecked consumption is the culprit in many of today’s sustainability issues – especially waste of all kinds. If everyone stopped making needless purchases tomorrow, the earth would instantly be a healthier place.

7.) You Leave More for Others

Acquiring possessions can sometimes be a greedy endeavor, even if you don’t normally think about it that way. In the interest of sustainability, living a minimalist lifestyle helps preserve resources for others, including future generations.


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