Can Grazing Cattle Reverse Global Warming?

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Across the planet, our arable land is slowly turning to desert due to our destruction of the environment. This eye-opening video describes a startling method to reversing this process and re-greening our planet.

Did you know that 2/3 of the world’s grasslands are already turning into arid deserts? Not only does this pose numerous problems in terms of poverty and famine, but it also accelerates climate change.

As you may have noticed, when allowed to do so, nature naturally will cover bare ground very quickly, but with climate change, and continued destruction of our soils, this is not happening as it should. Instead, water and carbon-based nutrients are evaporating from our soils at an alarming rate, decreasing soil structure, and increasing erosion and runoff.

Surprisingly enough, the way to fix the problem may not be to get rid of grazing livestock and turn the world vegan, but instead, to increase traditional and carefully managed grazing practices.

This may go against everything you’ve heard, but watch this video, and you’ll have an entirely new perspective on the problem – and its potential solutions.

If done properly, it’s highly possible that grazing livestock can reverse desertification and restore carbon to the soil, enhancing its biodiversity and countering climate change!

Watch this to find out why:

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