What Would Christmas Dinner Look Like Without Bees?

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Have you ever thought about what Christmas dinner would look like without bees? This eye-opening picture reveals their importance to our food chain.

This is the time of year for giving thanks and appreciation to those around us, but what about the little things we don’t think about that much, like bees? Do you realize how important bees are when it comes to our food, or even our very survival? It may sound dramatic, but that’s because it is.

Check out the article below for a startling picture of what the Christmas dinner table would look like if we didn’t have bees.

And give thanks to the earth, and to the bees this holiday season!

It has widely been claimed that if we were to lose all the bees on the planet, we could survive for a mere four years. Without bees there is little pollination, which leads to fewer plants, fewer animals, and much less food. Around one-third of the food that we eat comes courtesy, one way or another, through the pollination afforded by honey bees.


While saving the bees is really, really important, it’s not at the top of everyone’s to-do list. The idea that our species is reliant on bees for survival? Not a lot of average Janes and Joes really seem all that concerned. Which is where Plan Bee Ltd has stepped in…. In an effort to drive the issue home, the company has created a before and after scene of a holiday feast in a world with and without bees.

Check out these startling pictures at TreeHugger.com


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