(DIY) How to Build a Cider Press

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Do you love apple cider? Why not build your own cider press and make your own homemade cider this fall?

Mmmm….nothing says fall like the fresh, crisp, sweet-tart flavor of apple cider! The kind you find in the supermarket is usually bland and watery, compared to the real stuff you can make, yourself, using a cider press. However, they can be pretty pricey if you’re looking to buy a new one, so why not build your own?

It will require a few items (listed below), but is fairly easy to put together, and MUCH cheaper than buying one! It should only cost you a couple hundred bucks to build (instead of a couple thousand if you bought one), and if you use quality materials, it should last for a long, long time, and provide your family with many gallons of apple cider to enjoy.

Whether you are going the sweet cider route, or making your own hard cider, having a cider press around is sure to come in handy when the apple crop is bountiful!

Here are some tips for building your own cider press:

What You Will Need

  • a basic, but very solid, rectangular frame that can support the pressing process.
  • an apple & fruit crusher to mount at the side of it (available from Amazon.com),
  • an oak slatted barrel held together with stainless steel (this has to be very strong),
  • a mesh bag to keep the apple pulp tidy inside the barrel and easy to clean out.
  • a long piece of threaded rebar to act as a screw within the press and threaded through a large nut in the frame of the press.
  • a thick and round wood piece that fits snug in the oak barrel that does the job of pressing,
  • a clean base for it to drain into (which was a large new plastic basin with a funnel end pressed through)


Learn more here: http://www.simplebites.net/how-to-build-a-cider-press-and-harvest-apple-juice/


Don’t have a cider press, or the skills or money to build one? Try this method of making apple cider without a press.


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