Goose Eggs: A Tasty Golden Surprise

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Delicious and nutritious goose eggs are just one more reason to add geese to your homestead!

Many homesteaders are discovering the joys of goose eggs, along with the many other benefits of raising geese. There’s a reason why geese often appear in myths as laying “golden eggs”!  These tasty eggs are treasures indeed, and once you’ve tried goose eggs, you may never want to go back to plain old chicken eggs.

Geese are becoming more and more common on small homesteads, as they tend to work great for tending home orchards, act as guard animals to keep away predators and provide a good source of fertilizer. And of course, they lay those amazing eggs! Not only are the eggs tasty and packed with nutrition (geese eat mostly greenery, which means their eggs are high in Omega-3 fatty acids), but the large shells are also prized for decorative purposes. Because goose eggs are only available in the summer, they are relatively hard to find, and farmers who do sell them often charge over $2/egg, making them a profitable seasonal income stream for your homestead if you are so inclined.

Below are a few more things you should know about goose eggs:

A goose egg is equivalent to about three chicken eggs, with a larger yolk-to-white ratio. Geese are seasonal layers, and you will generally only get eggs from a female goose from April through September. Their egg production varies depending on the breed, but most will lay around 40 eggs over the course of a year.

Because of the larger yolk-to-white ratio, goose eggs hold together well and produce a more dense, moist result when baking…. Like duck eggs, the larger yolk and general size mean that goose eggs have a higher nutritional content, including more Omega-3s, than hen’s eggs.

…You will notice the richness of a goose’s egg if you eat it fried and you can see the deep colors of the yolk

Goose eggs are particularly sought after by those who make their own pasta. Between the richer color they give to pasta noodles and a history of being used in traditional Italian recipes, goose-egg pasta is a rare delicacy these days. Many pasta recipes call for a dozen chicken eggs, while using these giants can cut your needs in half.


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