Is Silicone Safer Than Plastic?

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Is silicone a safe replacement for plastic? Here’s what you should know before you make the switch…

In recent years, as the dangers of plastics and related chemicals have become more well-known, alternatives such as silicone have increased in popularity – especially for household use.

But is silicone really safer than plastic?

What should you know before switching plastic items out for silicon replacements?

Let’s take a closer look…

What Are Silicones?

Silicones (or siloxanes) have many similar properties to synthetic plastics. They can be shaped into many different forms, including rubber-like items, plastic-like hard resins, spreadable coatings, and more. Their plastic-like nature is what makes them appealing as a replacement, as they have similar characteristics of  flexibility, water resistance, temperature resistance, and more. They are also generally easy-to-clean and non-stick, which makes them popular around the kitchen.

So, it’s not surprising that silicone can be found these days in everything from baby bottles to cooking utensils, toys, food containers, personal care products, and more.

However, the big question we want to know is…


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