[Podcast] Building a Self-Sustaining Lifestyle On 1 Acre

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Want to learn how you can be more self-sustaining on just 1 acre? Listen to this family’s story…

Living more sustainably can be done in a wide variety of ways. From taking care of the planet via reducing consumption and waste, all the way to living an off-grid lifestyle, there are numerous things you can do to live a more sustainable life. But when it comes to self-sufficiency, many are turning to homesteading, and returning to a land-centered and self-sustaining way of living.

This young family is a great example. In a recent podcast for The Urban Farm, Ryan Leach describes his family’s efforts to achieve self-sustenance on a one-acre farm in  Ohio. Ryan explains how he transformed his greenhouse to grow their own food, and how they do their own canning and even raise their own meat birds so that they know exactly what they are eating.

He also discusses the following topics, among others:

  • How becoming a parent made him take a really good look at the foods they were eating
  • Their decision to reduce or eliminate processed foods from their diet
  • How they started with a small garden, added a couple more beds and are now not needing to get their food from the store.
  • How they are even making their own toothpaste!
  • What they do when they can’t grow or make it on their own and why
  • Why he says we should support the farmers at farmers’ markets
  • Meat birds and why he raises them and how he can do that without medications
  • The difference between a store bought bird and a pasture raised bird
  • What his dream farm is and what he plans to do with it
  • How they manage to take care of the farm with his full time job and their two young kids
  • When he plants his crops and how he makes his food last all year long
  • His geothermal greenhouse and what he grows in it
  • How he is managing his weeds with a rotary hoe on his large farm
  • What they feed their 7 month old from their own yards and how they manage to prep many meals for her
  • More about fermenting and what they did when they saw sauerkraut at the store one day
Learn More & Listen to the Podcast Here: http://urbanfarm.libsyn.com/ryan-leach

Photo Credit: The Urban Farm


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