Poo-Power: The Next Big Thing In Alternative Energy?

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With all the possible sources of alternative energy out there, one that you may never have considered is human waste as a power source! However, some ingenious individuals in Colorado have done just that….

Obviously humans produce plenty of waste, and we have thousands of waste treatment plants to process our waste and keep it out of the streets (where it used to pollute waterways and cause epidemics of disease in pre-modern cities). But what it we put our waste back on the streets, in the form of fuel for our vehicles, or power for our homes?

You may not be aware of the fact that human waste can be processed to produce natural gas, which can be used to provide electricity, heat, and fuel for vehicles.

This is what the city of Grand Junction, CO. is attempting to do, as it attempts a new experiment in alternative energy: recycling human waste to power 40 of its city vehicles.

Not only is this innovation a big win for the environment, but it will also save the city millions of dollars in the long run. (See below for more info.)

Though it does leave one to wonder what a city full of poo-powered exhaust might smell like…. 🙂

By capturing and cleaning the raw biogas into a usable form of energy, Grand Junction’s Persigo Wastewater Treatment Plant is seizing an underutilized opportunity, and they think they’re the first in the nation to do it. “As far as we know, we are the only municipal wastewater facility in the nation producing biogas used as vehicle fuel,” Dan Tonello, wastewater services manager for Grand Junction, told the Guardian. Now, that poo power is being used to fuel 40 of the city’s fleet, including garbage trucks, street sweepers, dump trucks, and transit buses.

Creating truck fuel from human waste reduces the city’s greenhouse gas emissions by up to 80 percent, according to Bret Guillory, the city’s utility engineer….

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Image Source: City of Grand Junction

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