The Top 10 Greenest Countries In The World

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Some countries have made greater strides in environmental friendliness than others. Here are the top 10 greenest countries on the planet!

It’s no secret that humans have made their mark on our planet – and much of the damage is starting to impact the health of our world as a whole.

It’s time we start cleaning up after ourselves – before it’s too late, and more and more countries are starting to pay attention to this fact, as evidenced by the 195 nations that committed to lowering greenhouse gas emissions at December’s landmark Climate Change Conference in Paris.

The new Yale-based 2016 Environmental Performance Index ranks 180 countries on a number of factors pertaining to environmental responsibility and human health.

Here is what they found, as well as the current top 10 list of the world’s greenest countries:

…Researchers at Yale and Columbia universities along with the World Economic Forum have been creating the Environmental Performance Index (EPI) biennially for the last 15 years. The report provides a global ranking of environmental performance for 180 countries and measures how they do to protect ecosystems and human health. The goal is to provide a practical tool for policymakers to better understand and improve how their countries are performing when it comes to issues of the environment.

Winning the shiny prize for first place is Finland…with a score of 90.68; the country earned impressive marks in the metrics of Health Impacts, Water and Sanitation, and Biodiversity and Habitat. Visit the page below for a link to see details on each country’s score and performance. Here are the top 10 by score:

1. Finland (90.68)
2. Iceland (90.51)
3. Sweden (90.43)
4. Denmark (89.21)
5. Slovenia (88.98)
6. Spain (88.91)
7. Portugal (88.63)
8. Estonia (88.59)
9. Malta (88.48)
10. France (88.20)

The United States came in at number 26 with a score of 84.72. The U.S. did well with Water and Sanitation and Health Impacts, but didn’t do so great in Fisheries … and tanked in the area of Forests….

For more information on the report and scoring factors, visit TreeHugger.com.


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