[Video] 3 DIY Eco-Friendly Gifts

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The best gifts come from the heart – and these are made by hand too, for an even more personal touch! Your friends and family will love these eco-friendly gifts, and you can make them quickly for last-minute stocking stuffers.

This video shows you how to make 3 homemade eco-friendly gifts for any ladies you might need gift ideas for for the holidays. (The ginger-cinnamon scrub could be good for guys too.) Not only are these very simple to make, they are also fun, beautiful, and free of any harmful chemicals – a gift for both your loved ones and the environment!

Choose organic ingredients for even more environmental benefits. Avocado oil is a great carrier oil which is inexpensive and great for the skin. You can tailor the scents to what you think your recipients will enjoy, but the video does include some suggestions for scent combinations.

Watch the video, and check out the link below for exact ingredients for making your own body scrub, perfume, and tinted lip balm – all from safe and natural ingredients!

Find ingredients and recipes here: https://daniellebeautybliss.wordpress.com/2012/12/11/diy-eco-friendly-christmas-gifts-for-girls/

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