[Video] 4 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Starting a Homestead

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Thinking of starting a homestead of your own? Make sure to consider these 4 questions carefully first…

Many of us self-sufficiency and sustainable living types have an idyllic image in our heads of a perfect little homestead where we can sustain ourselves with homegrown food, reduce our consumption of commercially produced goods, and “escape the rat race.” Maybe you’ll grow a big garden that provides most of your fruits and vegetables, have a flock of chickens for fresh eggs, and learn to make most of the stuff you need yourself.

However, those who have done it know that starting a homestead is not always that simple, and homesteading is darned hard work! Besides that, livestock gets killed by predators, equipment breaks down, gardens can be devastated by any number of things, and so many things cost more than you expect…

Before you take the plunge and head out into the middle of nowhere to embrace the homesteading life full-time, Jill from The Prairie Homestead suggests that you ask yourself these 4 important questions:


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