[Video] How to Easily Move Your Chicken Tractor

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Chicken tractors are great for raising pastured chickens, but they’re a pain to move. This nifty tool  helps you easily move your chicken tractor from one place to another. Watch the quick video below to see how it works.

If you’re raising chickens on pasture on your homestead, but aren’t able to let them run free, a chicken tractor is a must. In fact, this is the preferred way of raising pastured chickens for meat production. It deals with the problem of chicken manure by spreading it on your field, keeps chickens pest and disease-free by moving them frequently, and gives them access to fresh grass, bugs, and other forage every day.

However, if you’ve ever built one, you probably know that they are usually super heavy and hard to move, which sometimes defeats the purpose of having a chicken tractor in the first place, right?

I ran across this video from The Grow Network, which demonstrates a really awesome tool that can help you easily move your chicken tractor. It is a really nifty design, which allows one person to easily move a chicken tractor from one place to another with very little effort!

The website says they are a bit expensive, but I bet with a bit of trial and error you could probably figure out how to make your own version if you didn’t want to buy theirs – it looks fairly simple….

Check it out here:

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