[Video] How to Braid Garlic for Winter Storage

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Stock up your homestead pantry for the winter with beautiful garlic braids! Watch this to learn how to braid garlic for winter storage…

Garlic is a wonderful crop to grow in your garden. With just a bit of advance planning (it needs to be planted in the fall for harvesting the next summer), you can easily grow all the garlic you need for an entire year in just one garden bed!

With food preservation tasks in full swing on the homestead right now, you may be wondering what is the best way to store your garlic to make sure it lasts until next season. One great way to store garlic is to braid it and hang the braids in a cool, dry place. Be sure your garlic is fully dried and cured before braiding to avoid problems with mold. (Some types of garlic can be braided more easily than others, so be sure you know which type you have before attempting a braid.)

This quick video demonstrates how to braid garlic so you can hang it safely out of the way for long-term storage.


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