Why You May Want to Consider Raising Nigerian Dwarf Goats

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Here’s why Nigerian Dwarf goats may be a great choice for your homestead…

Looking at adding goats to your homestead? There are a number of goat breeds to choose from, but one favorite of small and urban homesteaders is the Nigerian Dwarf breed.

This small goat breed is easy to keep and care for, and they don’t need a ton of space. They are generally fairly quiet and clean, and if you are able to register them as pets in your area, you may be able to avoid homeowner’s association issues (check the laws for your city). They are great milkers, and provide sweet milk in large quantities for their small size.

Here are a few more facts about Nigerian Dwarf goats for your consideration:

The number one trait of Nigerian dwarf goats is the outstanding flavor of their milk. While standard goats like Nubians or Alpines develop a slightly gamey taste as it sits in the fridge, Nigerian dwarf goat’s milk stays sweet and clean. This makes it perfect for a new goat owner, who might be wary about keeping everybody in the family happy on goat’s milk.

How much milk does a Nigerian Dwarf Goat Produce?

A goat’s milk supply will fluctuate throughout the year, depending on how long it’s been since she’s had her baby goats. At a Nigerian Dwarf goat’s peak (1 week after she delivers her babies) she can produce up to a half gallon a day. During the year following the birth of her babies, her milk will slowly decrease and hover around a quart a day for most of the year until it’s time to dry her up and breed her again…

What do they eat?

Goats eat primarily hay or pasture. They love variety so they’ll eat up your trees, bushes, & weeds before they’ll nibble on the grass. People also give goats a small handful of grain during milking time to boost production. It’s really common for new goat owners to overfeed on grain, so be sure to keep that to a minimum if this is your first time with goats…

How big do Nigerian Dwarf Goats get?

A Nigerian Dwarf goat full grown will be roughly 70 lbs and 20-30 inches tall. As a baby they are the size of a puppy and basically grow to the size of a large dog. Perfectly lovable throughout their lives.

How much space & fencing do they need?

One goat needs 250 sq ft. of space but goats are herd animals and always need a buddy, so at the minimum, you’ll need to get two goats and keep them in a 500 sq ft. or bigger pen. Goats love to spend their days in the pasture nibbling at weeds and chewing their cud in the shade, so the more space you can give them, the better. Anywhere that you don’t want goats, you’ll need at least a 5 ft. tall fence to keep these escape artists from doing what they do best — jump and climb…


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