Why You’re Probably Not As “Green” As You Say You Are…

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We might claim to be environmentally conscious, but a recent survey of over 2,000 Americans found that we’re not really as “green” as we like to say we are…

In fact, though some of us do follow through with tiny steps, such as recycling, or turning off lights when not in use, in reality, most of us pretty much ignore the real impact that our daily lives have on the environment.

A recent survey by Trulia.com questioned more than 2,000 Americans about greener, sustainable living practices, and reducing their carbon footprint. And apparently, we all think we’re eco-friendly!

In fact, 79% of respondents classified themselves as “an environmentally conscious person.”

However, 3/4 of people did nothing more substantial than turning off the lights or recycling to reduce their impact.

Here’s a graphical representation of how green we view various actions to be, versus actually taking action:


Check out the full survey results at Trulia.com


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