14 Biophilic Design Ideas to Bring Nature Into Your Home

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Connect with nature even inside your home with these fun & unique biophilic design ideas…

While you may not be familiar with the term “biophilia,” you have probably experienced it. Biophilia describes the innate attraction and connection that humans have to nature. It is the reason why so many studies have found that we are healthier when we spend time in the natural world, as well as the reason why we feel so peaceful and serene after spending time outdoors in a natural setting. While you may not be able to spend time outside as much as you would like – especially during the winter months – you can incorporate elements of biophilic design into your home to bring nature to you!

Biophilic design principles are sometimes used by architects when designing buildings to help humans feel connected to nature even when indoors. However, you can adapt some of these principles in your own living space as well, using the 14 patterns suggested below as guidelines and inspiration:


biophilic design ideas Image Source: ApartmentGuide.com


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