4 Fun & Eco-Friendly DIY Holiday Decoration Ideas

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Skip the plastic decorations this year and make your own eco-friendly decorations! Here are a few fun DIY holiday decoration ideas to try…

It’s time to get into the holiday spirit and get your home looking jolly! But buying tons of holiday ornaments, wreaths, and garlands can get pricey – not to mention all of the waste it creates – and resources used – if you are buying items made from (and packaged in) plastic.

Instead, why not make your own holiday decorations this year?

Making your own garlands and other decorations at home is a great way to save money and reduce your environment footprint. It can be a fun way to get everyone in your family involved and in the holiday spirit!

Here are 4 fun and creative holiday decoration ideas to try this year:

1.) Simple String Popcorn Garland

One of the most beautiful and most simple kinds of homemade holiday decorations you can make are string popcorn garlands.

My mom used to have us all do this when we were kids, and it was so much fun, and so pretty! We sometimes added whole fresh cranberries in between the popcorn kernels for a pop of holiday color.

Start with a yellow or white thread and a needle. Then pop a kettle of corn. Just make sure it’s plain popcorn (an air popper works great, but microwaved popcorn will work in a bind) – and avoid the kind that’s pre-made with butter or other seasonings!

Thread your needle and tie up the end. Then poke your popcorn through the middle and slide it down to the bottom of the string. Rinse and repeat until you have a gorgeous popcorn string! You can use your popcorn garlands to decorate your Christmas tree, banisters and railings, or even outdoors, where the birds can enjoy nibbling on the popcorn kernels.

2.) Homemade Wreaths

Decorative holiday wreaths are very easy to make – especially if you can pick up a pre-made wreath frame at a local crafts store. A naked wreath just made of vines shouldn’t be too expensive, but if you’re really crafty and have the materials, you can also twine your own wreath frame from twigs or grapevines.

Once you have the base of your wreath, you can go crazy decorating it with anything you like. Add ribbons, dried leaves or flowers, pine cones, dried grasses, sprigs of holly, pine, or juniper – get creative and make it your own!

A fun outdoor activity to do with the kids would be to give them each a wreath, then go on a nature walk and collect items to decorate them. Everyone will end up with a wreath that is uniquely theirs!

After the holidays, remove the decorations and save the wreath frames to use again next year.

3.) Simple Fabric Garlands

For this one, you will need to go out and buy a few different kinds of fabrics – unless you already have these on hand. Then pick a few holiday-themed shapes – stars, stockings, or gingerbread men, for example, and make a cardboard cutout of each shape to use as a template.

Use your template to cut your fabric into your different shapes. Then thread through the top of the shape with a needle and thread. (Make sure you go through it twice, so your shape faces outwards instead of automatically turning on its side.)

String your shapes together in a row, alternating different shapes and fabrics. You can then hang your garlands on balconies, banisters, or the Christmas tree – or even on outdoor railings.

4.) Origami

Want to really have some fun? Hop online and learn how to fold some origami! I was obsessed with origami for a while as a kid – it’s so much fun to learn, and also helps kids build fine motor skills. You can learn how to make cranes, balls, stars or other holiday shapes.

Then just pick out some brightly colored paper – red, green, silver, gold, or in your choice of holiday pattern (wrapping paper will work just fine), and fold away!

You can place your origami shapes around the house, or string them on thread and use them as Christmas tree decorations or garlands as well.

Decorating your home for the holidays doesn’t have to be expensive or create a lot of waste! Try these fun holiday decoration ideas, and you’ll have a festive home that didn’t break the bank – or harm the planet.


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