3 Aspects of Sustainable Living To Incorporate Into Your Life Today

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Sustainable living means embracing a simpler, more conscious lifestyle. Here are 3 aspects of sustainable living to consider adopting today.

As we often mention, living a more sustainable lifestyle doesn’t mean you have to go “off grid,” get rid of all your favorite modern comforts, or raise all of your own food. There are literally hundreds of ways you can reduce your impact on the planet and make healthier and more sustainable choices for yourself, your family, and your community.

You can embrace options as simple as purchasing reusable items (batteries, bags, etc.), turning off the water while brushing your teeth, or recycling recyclable items whenever possible.

You can also grow a garden, compost yard waste, drive less, or buy a more fuel-efficient car, or install energy-saving appliances in your home.

As this insightful article from UrbanFarm.org states:

Because our way of life and the structure of our society have granted us the freedom to ignore/be ignorant towards the consequences of our carbon-consuming actions, being more sustainable simply means dedicating a few more seconds every day to decisions that can either defeat or feed climate change.

Sustainable living simply means embracing a simpler way of life that minimizes waste and use of limited resources while enjoying and appreciating what you have.

As we mentioned above, there are many ways to live more sustainably, but in general, there are 3 main aspects to living a more sustainable lifestyle. We recommend you start with just one of these and take steps to incorporate it into your life, starting today!

1.) Materials and technology sustainability

  1. Reducing the amount of waste that goes to landfills (recycling, buying less)
  2. Reducing the use of fossil fuel energy
  3. Helping to minimize the production of materials that are not recyclable
  4. Helping to minimize the permanent geological damage caused by mining raw materials

 2.) Food sustainability

  1. Eating local (or better yet homegrown), nutritious food
  2. Supporting local economies through local food producers
  3. Eating less meat and other foods that require excessive inputs of resources
  4. Choosing foods without harmful chemicals or highly processed ingredients

3.) Water sustainability

  1. Using less water in the home (shorter, cooler showers; less water-consuming plants; low-flow faucets; etc.)
  2. Promoting proactive water policy in the community
Read more at UrbanFarm.org


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