How Green Are You? (Take the Quiz to Find Out!)

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You may think you’re living green, but are you really? Take the quiz below to get your “green” score!

When you really think about it, everything you do affects the environment around you. Whether you eat meat, where you get your food from, how far you drive to work, what kind of home you live in, and even your bathroom habits impact the planet!

So how green and sustainable is your lifestyle?

Do you recycle? Grow a garden? Compost your food scraps? Do you buy recycled items, or support local businesses?

Every little decision you make can make a difference in creating a healthy, thriving, sustainable world.

To find out just how green your lifestyle really is, check out this fascinating quiz and find out!

You will also learn some helpful tips to boost your sustainable living skills and increase your knowledge about how your daily choices can help keep the planet healthy.

Green quiz

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