3 Inspiring TED Talks About Green Technology

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These 3 inspiring TED talks show just how far green technology has come – and how much potential there is for a brighter (and greener) future for our planet and our population.

Many people still think of green technology as futuristic or unrealistically expensive. However, you may be surprised to learn that there are scores of new green tech inventions becoming available every day, and many of these are not only already affordable, but will even save consumers money in the long run.

These 3 inspiring TED talks show just how wide the field of green technology can be, and how many wonderful uses it can have – from harnessing wind power, to providing clean drinking water, and so much more.

At age 14, Deepika Kurup was visiting her grandparents in India when she saw children in the street drinking from dirt puddles on the side of the road. Deepika was inspired to find a solution for those who lack access to clean drinking water, and after turning the garage of her family home into a science laboratory, she developed a cost-effective and eco-friendly process to speed up the sanitation process of contaminated water. Watch the video above to hear more about her story.

William Kamkawamba grew up in poverty and famine in Malawi. His farming family was unable to water their fields to grow food, so at age 14, William went to the library and taught himself English and physics and built a windmill out of scrap materials to harness water and electricity to power his family’s home. Watch his story above.

At age 64, Paul Tasner found himself unexpectedly unemployed. He took the opportunity to pursue his passion for protecting the environment, and developed a sustainable packaging business that turns waste into usable packaging material.

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