5 Simple Ways to Preserve Our Ecosystems

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We often forget the fact that we are dependent on our natural ecosystems for survival. Here are 4 simple changes we can make to protect them, and create a more sustainable world.

In today’s fast-paced modern world, surrounded by all of the trappings of civilization, it can be easy to forget that we are all connected to the natural world – and that we are dependent on it for our survival.

The water we drink comes from natural aquifers. The food we eat is dependent upon the weather, the bees to pollinate crops, and the health of the soil. Even the oxygen in the air we breathe is a byproduct of the natural process of photosynthesis!

In order for us to survive and thrive on this planet, we need to make sure that all of these interconnected ecosystems also thrive.

The impact that we have on the environment and its ecosystems can cause a domino effect that could potentially endanger our future survival – as it is already endangering the survival of many other species on this planet.

The good news is, we are a remarkable species, with the ability to make calculated decisions and consider their impact on our surroundings. We have the ability to make better decisions and adopt healthier habits that will help protect and nourish our natural ecosystems, rather than destroying them.

Here are just a few simple habits you can start today that can make a big difference to our ecosystems and our planet:

Save Water

Reducing the demand for freshwater helps allocate water to arid, drought-stricken environments. You can save water by installing a shower head that’s low-flow, or turning off the faucet when you brush your teeth or shave your legs…


Having a small compost bin in your kitchen or patio is a great way to save food scraps to create beautiful, nutrient rich soil, rather than filling up a landfill.

Buy Small

Everything we own and see in department stores were once natural resources, extracted from the earth and molded into shiny new products. Having things is nice, but living simply has stress-relieving benefits. Next time you need to purchase something, ask yourself if you could do without it, or perhaps you could buy it secondhand at a thrift store….

Eat Local

Choose to eat organic fruits and vegetables from local farmers. Participating in your local farmer’s market is a great way to support these types of farms, as well as reduce the demand for GMOs and pesticide usage. Pesticides, when used heavily and repeatedly can create a loss of biodiversity in surrounding ecosystems….

Enjoy Nature

Try taking a nearby nature hike or take a long walk around your neighborhood. Invite a friend or a family member to join you. Walking through nature helps clear your mind, grounds yourself, and gives you a new attitude. There’s something sacred about walking through an untouched part of the world. Breathe in the air, relax, and enjoy the natural life around you. By connecting yourself to nature, you can better see how important it is to adopt sustainable habits into your routine.

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