8 Core Principles of Sustainable Living

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These 8 core principles embody what it means to practice sustainable living.

Sustainable living has become a bit of a buzzword in recent years, with lots of different interpretations floating around about what it means to live sustainably. Some people assume that sustainable living means going vegan, moving off the grid, or embracing a life of total self-sufficiency. Others equate it to adapting a zero-waste lifestyle, eating only homegrown foods, or using only organic and eco-friendly materials.

However, I see sustainable living as a more holistic and all-encompassing term that is less extreme, but incorporates elements of all of the above approaches.

Living sustainably should first and foremost include living in a way that minimizes resource depletion, and respects the environment and all fellow inhabitants of our beautiful planet.

Below are 8 core principles of sustainable living that really resonated with me, courtesy of Recipe for a Green Life:

1.) The Earth’s ocean & waterways are our main source of life. There is no life without healthy water. There is no life without healthy air. We must ensure protection of natural resources. We must set unprecedented global standards and approaches that demonstrate the utmost in responsibility to and for all water, soil, and air—for the sake of all life and future life on Earth. We must ensure long-term protection, conservation, and preservation of health and balance on Earth for the survival of all living beings.

2.) Life is a gift. Treat all life with respect and ensure basic rights for all living beings based on equity and kindness. Life and all beings naturally seek wellness. Our human systems, which are geared for corrections and healing, must be structured to support this natural tendency with holistic, organic, restorative, kind, affordable, and preventative approaches.

3.) We can live gently and lightly on Mother Earth. We put into action zero-waste approaches, such as: fix, renew, restore, repurpose, reuse, recycle, upcycle, invent, pioneer, trade, share, gift, preserve, simplify, and conserve for health and future generations.

4.) We value creativity, adaptability, and diversity. Individual, unique, and contrasting approaches, small groups, and adaptability in times of ongoing change are all strengths of a grassroots movement.

5.) Fair Trade principles need to be applied to all work and wage situations—foreign, domestic, and local.

6.) Cruelty-free and kind principles need to be applied to all relationships.

7.) Commerce, ingredients, products, and practices need to be kind, healthy, ethical, renewable, and sustainable.

8.) Everyone’s time, energy, space, quality of life, and personal resources are equal in importance at a fundamental level.

What is your definition of sustainable living? Would you add anything to these points? Comment below – or join the conversation on our Facebook page!


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