3 Simple Steps You Can Take This Year to Help Save the Planet

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If enough of us implement these steps in our own lives, we can help save the planet…

Keeping the planet healthy can sometimes seem like a complex and overwhelming task. After all, there are 7.7 billion people on the planet, so how much of a difference can you make? However, every drop in the bucket helps, and when enough people start making the right kind of healthy choices – the kind that take into account planetary health as well as personal health – a real difference can indeed be made.

However, we have already been seeing the emergence of extreme weather patterns and unusually strong storm events over the past several years, so there is no time to waste. Take steps right now to make more responsible choices in your life, and encourage others to do so as well. If enough of us do, together maybe we really can save the planet!

1. Vote like the survival of your planet depends on it, because it does.

One of the best ways to ensure the health of the planet is by electing officials who believe in science, who support legislation that works toward a greener planet and sustainability, and who are dedicated to preserving the precious and limited resources we have. In addition, be aware of and vote in favor of climate-related measures that appear on the ballot… Of course opposition is strong, particularly from those who stand to profit from our continued dependence on fossil fuels, so it’s up to you to fight the good fight and vote for the planet instead of against it!

2. Reduce your use of fossil fuels.

Did you know 87 percent of carbon emissions from humans, come from the burning of fossil fuels? Sounds like a big problem to change, right? In reality, it can be easy at the household level. Reducing your individual and household use can be as simple as biking to work, backing off air travel, and regulating your home energy use by buying energy efficient appliances, caulking windows, or turning off lights that aren’t in use…

3. Buy less stuff.

In a society built on a premise of consumerism, it’s hard to see that there’s another way to live. Have you ever considered simplifying? Not buying things in the first place is a huge step in that direction! It takes effort, but you can actually live a more meaningful, mindful life if you step off the consumerism treadmill and find other ways toward fulfillment. Whenever you do make a purchase, buy only what you need, buy used, buy items with less packaging, and/or try to buy local and organic which saves on fossil fuels and supports your local economy. Did you know you can even make your own household cleaners and beauty products? This is a great way to buy less stuff. I do it all the time! It saves on plastic (which uses fossil fuels) and reduces the toxins in my home.

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