[Video] Why Should You Eat Local?

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Eating local isn’t just better for the environment. Here are a few reasons why choosing to eat local is a more sustainable way to eat.

Many people mistakenly assume that the produce in your local supermarket came from a nearby farm. While this would make sense logically, in fact, our food supply chain has gotten much, much longer in recent decades. Most of the fruits and vegetables you see in the grocery store were actually grown hundreds or even thousands of miles from where you live. Choosing to eat local has now become a conscious decision, rather than an automatic activity.

Not only does eating food from your local community support your local farmers and economy and reduce fuel usage for transportation and shipping, but it also can even mean better tasting food! Fresher food that was harvested recently is not only more nutritious, but also more delicious.

In this quick video from Nourish Short Films, Michael Pollan discusses the many benefits of eating locally – both for you, your environment, and your community:

For some helpful tips on engaging with your local food system, visit NourishLife.org.


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