Why Should You Care About the Farm-To-Table Movement?

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If you care about your health and the health of the environment, eating locally as much as possible is a must. Below are 4 reasons to support the farm-to-table movement.

A popular phrase you may have heard a lot lately among local foodies and others interested in sustainability is the farm-to-table movement. But just what is it, and how does it contribute to a more sustainable future?

Participating in the farm-to-table movement means that you are choosing produce, eggs, milk, and meat from local farms instead of from national supermarket chains. The thinking is that doing so benefits your family, your health, and your local community. Here are some of the primary benefits of being involved in the farm-to-table movement.

1.) It Helps the Local Community

First of all, buying local keeps money in the local economy and community. The farm-to-table movement means you buy the majority of your produce, milk, eggs, and meat from local farmers and ranchers. When you do this, you are helping local farmers instead of buying from corporate farmers from across the state or even on the other side of the country (or planet). Most small farmers need all the help they can get. To access their food, you can either buy from them directly, or go through a farmer’s market or CSA.

2.) You Get Healthier Food

In general, you are also eating healthier food with the farm-to-table movement. Since you are buying local produce, the fruits and vegetables are much fresher when they reach your kitchen, and retain more of their nutrients. It is also often easier (and more affordable) to find organic produce from small producers, who often grow foods without chemical additives or inputs, but not on a large enough scale to sell commercially through grocery stores. Buying local gives you the ability to learn about where your food comes from, and what has been used to grow it, so that you can avoid pesticides and other chemicals in your food if this is important to you.

3.) It Encourages Ethical Animal Treatment

The farm-to-table movement allows you to buy your eggs, milk, and meat from local farms that tend to treat their animals much better than the industrial food chain does. They are often grass-fed and have plenty of space to roam, so animal welfare is not as much of a concern as when you buy from corporate farmers. They also aren’t mass producing these food items, so they aren’t as concerned with pumping their animals full of growth hormones just to get more out of them. Best of all, as mentioned in the 3rd point above, you have transparency. You can ask questions directly of the farmer about how your food has been raised, and even go and see the animals for yourself if you like!

4.) Local Farmers Help Add to Environmental Sustainability

There are a few different ways farm-to-table eating can help the local environment. First of all, less pollution from transportation is produced when you buy fresh and local produce since it doesn’t have to travel long distances via truck. And as mentioned above, you can also find organic produce from local farms, which result in fewer pesticides and other pollutants making their way into the groundwater.

Whether you are a meat eater or a vegetarian, eating locally can help you lead a more sustainable lifestyle.


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