Why We All Need to Vote for the Environment This November

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This November, take a stand for your species and VOTE for the environment! Here’s why it should be the #1 issue on the ballot…

It has been an interesting year for sure, but with so many other things on our minds, it’s sometimes easy to forget that this is an election year… There are many issues that matter to so many us on election day – from healthcare to education, wages, taxes, debt, race relations, immigration, and more – but one issue should stand front and foremost in all of our minds, as it affects literally EVERY human being on the planet, and that is the health of the environment.

Our very survival as a species depends on it. It may sound extreme, but it is absolutely true. Without a healthy environment, we will not have clean water to drink, food to eat, or even breathable air.

Whether or not sea level rise, species extinction, extreme weather events, or coastline erosion matter to you, if you eat, drink, or breathe, the environment impacts YOU.

This is why it is SO important to VOTE with the environment in mind this November. As this article points out,

Without the bare necessities of life, we won’t survive. Therefore, we must empower candidates that include a vigorous interest in our collective and environmental health–with concrete plans to remediate and enact widespread restoration for our immediate present, and long-term future.

With all of this in mind, please note how important it is right now to tune out all the ego-based reactions going on toward the various candidates, and their style of expression, or their followers. Our media system (and debate moderators) have conditioned us to react, to focus on shallow questions, and to be emotionally manipulated by our differences. Our differences are a strength. And, we are mature and wise enough to see past the manipulations that would divide us, when, ultimately we desperately need to unite…

We must also remember, each day, that there are many artificial forces placed purposely, on the Internet, that seek to inflame emotions and confuse truths, in order to galvanize division. It isn’t worth it. Too much is counting on us right now… We can’t afford to let our ego-based emotional reactions dictate the outcome.


…Environmental issues aren’t just about food, agriculture, plastic pollution, or fossil fuels moguls’ greed and domination–they are about the right action at the moment and for the long term–it is a holistic view of life, diversity, and biodiversity.


The time has passed for arguing the finer points, or debating which politician is better for which segment of the population. We are at a breaking point, and it is time to act – for our future and for a healthier way forward. You may not love the choices of candidates, but this November, it is essential that we vote for the environment. And not just in the presidential race – but for your local elected officials as well (where your vote matters even more), who may not affect national policy, but whose decisions DO have an impact on your local environment, which in turn, has a global impact on the ecosystem at large.

We don’t need to argue about who we like better. All we have to do is VOTE. And if you can, vote EARLY to avoid delays and issues on voting day!

Vote for your country, vote for your planet, vote for your species: vote for the environment this November!

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