How Fast Could You Grow Your Own Food?

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How self-sufficient are you? How quickly you could grow your own food if you needed to is a good indicator…

You may like the thought of living a sustainable lifestyle, but how self-sustaining are you, really? Do you produce your own electricity (using solar panels, wind, or other off-grid devices)? Grow your own food? Utilize local systems of economy and production?

When it comes right down to it, most of us in the modern Westernized world really don’t do much to sustain ourselves at all. This is a shame, as there is so much fulfillment to be found in providing for our own basic needs – something which most of us have forgotten! Many of us don’t even cook for ourselves anymore, let alone grow and harvest our own food, make our own clothing, preserve food for the winter, etc.

Not only are we missing out on the basic joys and triumphs that self-sufficiency can provide, but we also are setting ourselves up for a fall should, well, the “SHTF” someday….

One of the most basic things that most of us can do for ourselves to some degree (well, besides cooking), is to grow some of our own food. Even if you live in a tiny apartment or urban condo, you should be able to grow at least a few plants in containers. (Check out our sustainable gardening blog for lots of helpful tips on this.)

While it may seem like a long shot to think that you would ever have to provide all the food your family needs from your own efforts, our food security in the U.S. is far from guaranteed. And as Venezuela is learning, being unprepared can have disastrous consequences:

Venezuela is undergoing a catastrophic food shortage right now.  It’s as bad as it gets – the total collapse of a food system that relied heavily on imports.  The grocery stores have already been ransacked, the people are starving, and food shipments are being transported under armed guard.

Amid this overwhelming and life-threatening crisis, the government has formally advised its people that they should begin to grow their own food and raise their own chickens.

Regardless of the type of government or the people in power, any population that relies on imports for its food supply could be the next Venezuela.  Any number of scenarios could disrupt the supply and leave the importer without food.  When you rely on food imports, you accept the risk that tomorrow’s food shipment might not show up… for any reason.

So the question for each of us becomes, “Does my country rely on food imports?”  If you live in the United States, the answer is clearly yes.  The U.S. imports more food than any other country on earth, followed by China, Germany, Japan, and the UK.

Learn more about the crisis in Venezuela, and what you can do to become more self-sufficient, at TheGrowNetwork.com


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