[Infographic] How to Plan An Eco-Friendly Vacation

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Here are some simple ways to plan a fun and eco-friendly vacation this year…

Whether you’re planning a fun Spring Break, or a relaxing summer vacation, taking a few minutes to figure out how to make your trip more eco-friendly can mean big savings for the planet – and sometimes even your wallet.

The graphic below shares some ways to go easier on the environment when in the planning phase, getting ready to go, and while you are enjoying your travels. Every aspect of your vacation – from your choice of transportation, to where you stay, to what you eat, and even the activities you participate in – has an impact on the planet.

For example, you can opt to stay in a hotel that is a member of the Green Hotels Association and has committed to reducing their environmental impact. Choosing to enjoy local foods wherever you go will reduce the number of miles your food has to travel to get to your plate. And using natural and biodegradable sunscreen when you’re at the beach can help preserve delicate sea life such as coral reefs.

By planning ahead and making more responsible choices, you can minimize your eco-impact, and still have a wonderful, fun and exciting trip!

Source: Fix.com Blog


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