[Podcast] 5 Money-Saving Homesteading Skills

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These valuable money-saving homesteading skills can help you cut costs on the homestead…

It should come as no surprise that homesteading isn’t exactly a high-paying job! Most homesteaders also carry regular jobs to cover living expenses and/or supplement any income they may generate from homesteading activities. This means that homesteaders are often very frugal people, and implementing money-saving strategies is often a priority.

Fortunately, there are many things you can learn to do for yourself around the homestead that will save (and/or make) a fair amount of money.

For example, most homesteaders cook and eat at home a lot more than they eat out. Many homesteaders also learn more advanced cooking and food preparation skills, such as baking bread, pressing cider, canning, or making cheese, that can save money on groceries as well – and can even generate a little side income. And of course, growing or raising your own food will cut your grocery bills even further!

This helpful frugal living podcast shares 5+ money-saving homesteading skills that will save you money around the homestead – whether it be on food, energy, or something else.

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