[Podcast] How to Grow a Garden & Raise Livestock Without Land

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If you dream of owning your own homestead but aren’t quite there yet, these tips can help you enjoy some of the many benefits of homesteading – such as home-grown food & livestock – even without land…

Yearning for a homesteading lifestyle, but don’t have your own plot of land just yet? Getting creative can help you achieve your dream sooner! Whether you’re wanting to raise livestock or simply grow some of your own food, there are a number of solutions that may allow you to better utilize the space you already have, or take advantage of other options to help you bring your homesteading goals to fruition.

Check out this podcast episode of Pioneering Today to learn about:

  • How to utilize property that you don’t live on to accomplish your goals.
  • How to grow a distance garden and tips for maintaining it.
  • How to keep wildlife away from your gardens and fruit trees.
  • Deciding between growing your own fruits & veggies or investing in a CSA membership.
  • How to take advantage of a community-run garden.
  • Costs to consider when putting infrastructure into a property to garden or raise livestock.
  • Utilizing community property or leasing property to raise livestock.
  • Tips on raising cattle and sourcing hay.
  • How to “train” your cattle to come when you call them.
  • And more!

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Lack of acreage doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the many advantages of having your own homestead. If this is a dream you are working towards, these tips can help you enjoy some of the perks of the homestead lifestyle until you are able to start your own homestead. Or, if you just want the perks without all the hard work, these methods can help you live a more self-sufficient lifestyle in the space that you already have!


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