[Podcast] How to Take A Vacation From the Homestead

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Want to take a vacation this summer, but feeling tied to your homestead? Here are a few tips for getting away & enjoying a fun vacation from the homestead, while making sure your livestock & property are safely cared for in your absence.

Living on a homestead can be incredibly rewarding, providing a sense of self-sufficiency and a deep connection to the land. However, it also comes with its fair share of responsibilities, which can make it challenging to take a vacation and enjoy some well-deserved time away. For homesteaders, the idea of leaving their animals, crops, and homestead operations unattended may seem stressful or even impossible.

This podcast episode by Melissa K. Norris explores practical strategies and considerations for taking a vacation when you have a homestead. As an experienced homesteader and host of the popular Pioneering Today podcast, Melissa offers practical advice and guidance on finding the balance between nurturing your homestead and allowing yourself the opportunity to recharge and enjoy a break.

You’ll learn about various related topics, including the importance of planning ahead, creating a support system, and implementing efficient systems and routines to ensure a smooth transition while you’re away. Whether you have a small-scale urban homestead or a sprawling rural property, you will find plenty of tips and strategies suitable for different types of homesteading setups.

Taking a vacation shouldn’t feel like an unattainable luxury for homesteaders! By adopting the right mindset and implementing practical solutions, it is possible to enjoy time away while ensuring the continued well-being and success of your homestead.

Here are a few tips for planning your next vacation from the homestead:

1.) Choose Travel Times Wisely

We all know that different times of year on the homestead require different levels of attention from the homesteader. So choosing your vacation times wisely can mean fewer responsibilities for the caretaker you find.

However, sometimes we don’t have the flexibility to travel when it’s most convenient. Check out the podcast for tips for traveling at different times of the year.

2. Find a Trusted Caretaker

Finding a trusted caretaker isn’t always easy – unless you have trusted friends or family nearby.

It’s best if you can find someone who has prior homestead knowledge or at least knowledge of what you’re having them care for. For example, if you’re finding a caretaker for your dairy cow, it’s good if they’ve had prior experience in milking and tending to a dairy cow.

As Melissa says,

Think outside the box when it comes to finding a caretaker. Maybe you know someone who also has a homestead, and you trade off taking care of each other’s place while you’re gone.

You can also find people willing to stay at your home, so there’s always someone there, just in case. Find what you’re comfortable with. This may take some trial and error but don’t give up. With enough perseverance, you will find someone.

3. Minimize Chores & Implement Systems

One of my biggest recommendations is to implement systems ahead of time so you can do some “dry runs” to see exactly how long you can go between feedings or filling waterer, etc…

This information will be so helpful for you and your caretaker to know how many days between chores they can go. But implement these systems ahead of time and know all the variables.

For example, if it’s extra hot and sunny, your animals may go through their water faster than during rainy, cool weather. And your garden may need extra watering as well.

Automatic waterers and feeders, and protection from predators are a must if you’re going to be absent from the homestead for any length of time.

Listen here for more tips and tricks for enjoying your vacation from the homestead:


Source: MelissaKNorris.com


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