[Podcast] Sustainable Living On a 1-Acre Farm

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In this recent interview with Urban Farm, young farmer Molly Cole explains how her family is embracing sustainable living on their one-acre farm in Washington state.

Molly is no stranger to farming – she grew up on a farm – and is continuing the tradition with her own children. On their one-acre farm, they currently raise chickens, honey bees, and lots of fruits and veggies. Eventually, Molly hopes to transform their property into “ a working, thriving, educational farm where she can teach her family and others how to grow their own food.

Molly’s farm uses 100% organic growing methods, although they are not (yet) certified organic. They use compost, chicken manure, lawn clippings, and wood chips for mulch and to nourish their soil organically.

Listen to the podcast to learn more about how and why the Cole’s started their own 1-acre farm, what they grow, what their greatest challenges are, why they think sustainable living and urban farming are important, and what advice they have for new urban farmers just getting started.

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