[Podcast] Using Herbal Medicine for Livestock

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Learn how to use herbal medicine to keep your homestead livestock healthy the natural way…

Many homesteaders choose the natural route when it comes to caring for their family’s health, opting to take control of their own health via herbs and other natural remedies. Whether or not you are interested in herbal medicines for yourself, treating your livestock with herbs instead of medications can save on costs, and in some instances may provide your animals with healthier and happier lives.

This podcast episode from Pioneering Today features an interview with Dr. Patrick Jones from the Homegrown Herbalist – a practicing veterinarian, traditional naturopath, and clinical herbalist. Dr. Jones uses the power of herbs to bless both the lives of his veterinary patients and his human clients, and in this episode, he discusses what you need to know to use herbal remedies to keep your livestock healthy.

You’ll learn about things like:

  • Are essential oils safe to use on animals?
  • Which herbs should not be used for livestock and pets?
  • Natural de-wormers
  • Treatments for dairy cows
  • Using herbs to treat wounds, and spider and snake bites
  • And more!

Listen now to learn how to use herbs safely, effectively, and in the appropriate dosage for your pets and livestock:


Using herbal medicine for livestock can be an interesting and rewarding experience. Taking the time to learn how to keep your animals healthy via natural means can pay off through cost savings, as well as keeping harmful pharmaceuticals out of your food and the environment.


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