Review: Portable Sun Oven Solar Cooker

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This summer, take the heat out of the kitchen and cook outdoors and off-grid with this portable solar cooker…

Summer is here and it’s HOT! Whether you’re an off-gridder, you want to reduce your fossil fuel usage, or you’re just tired of heating up the house to cook dinner on a hot summer evening, a solar oven can come in really handy. You can find plans online to build your own solar cooker, or if you just want to skip all the work and get one that’s pre-made and gets the job done, you may want to check out the All American Sun Oven.

This portable solar cooker is much more than an oven. In fact, you can not only bake but also stew, roast, dehydrate and sterilize using this powerful tool, which operates using only the heat of the sun. The oven can reach up to 400-degrees Fahrenheit, and you can adjust the heat by angling the oven using the attached guides.

The American-made solar oven comes with a set of racks for baking and dehydrating, two stackable pots with lids, and two loaf pans. It also includes a CD with tips, frequently asked questions, and hundreds of solar cooker recipes.

In the video below, Marjorie Wildcraft from The Grow Network unpacks, sets up, and cooks with the Sun Oven, so you can see how it all works:

You can find the Sun Oven at Amazon.com, as well as other online retailers and some survival stores.


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