How Thinking Green Can Improve Your Life (& the Planet)

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Going green can be easier than you think. Try “thinking green” to help you live a more sustainable lifestyle without even trying!

The “green” movement has taken hold, and you’ve probably often heard terms like “going green,” “shopping green,” and “green living.” But what about “thinking green?”

Sometimes it can seem like the world is full of bad news, especially when it comes to the environment. Climate change, species extinction, food and water waste, resource depletion…etc. are all major problems that seem somewhat hopeless at times. It can seem overwhelming to think about all of the things we need to change for a more sustainable life on this planet, but it doesn’t need to be! Simply by changing our mindset towards sustainability, we can make actually living greener a reality.

Here’s how thinking green can help you to tune into your environment, appreciate life more, and become a happier and more responsible citizen of planet Earth.

1. Increased productivity can reduce your carbon footprint.

In the workplace, in the classroom, and at home, we are expected to wear many hats and constantly “do more.” Mindfulness helps us gain clarity on what’s actually important and what we have the ability to do, resulting in increased productivity and a better use of time and resources. This may translate to a reduction in carbon emissions from less time spent driving, less food waste due to better budgeting, and more free time to learn about sustainable best practices for the home.

2. Thoughtful decision making may lead to more sustainable purchasing habits.

Our culture of convenience trains us to look for things outside of ourselves (i.e., products and services) to solve problems… However, many of these items also come paired with excessive packaging and high carbon emissions from transportation.

Remaining conscious of what’s happening inside your head while shopping is key to making a personal connection to your purchases, spending better, and supporting ethical manufacturers.

3. Decluttering your mind can help you find solutions for physical clutter.


4. Taking in your surroundings creates a greater investment in the environment.

Mindfulness is a heightened way of observing oneself and one’s surroundings… Slowing down to take stock of what you have as an individual and as a member of the global community will help you understand the great effects your day-to-day actions (and inactions) can have on the environment. This understanding translates to a moral obligation to protect the earth and move through the world fulfilling your highest potential.

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