Our 3 Favorite Sustainable Living Apps for Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

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These nifty sustainable living apps help make it easier to live a sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle…

While many people may think of “sustainable living” as something for “hippies” living in a commune, or something you have to move “off-the-grid” and eschew modern conveniences to achieve, in fact, in many ways, technology makes sustainable living easier.

For example, there are dozens of apps for your phone or computer that help to track energy or water usage, offer tips for shopping local or buying used clothing and other goods, reduce waste, and make it easier to swap or barter with other like-minded individuals. These apps can not only help you reduce your impact on the planet, but also save money and become a more responsible and connected citizen of your community.

You can use these sustainable living apps to make living a green and eco-friendly lifestyle simpler and easier. Here are 3 of our favorites:

1. Carma Carpooling

One of the biggest problems which lead to the damage of our environment is the increased carbon emissions from the morning and afternoon commutes made with our personal cars which leads to heavy air pollution. The app Carma Carpooling is the best sustainable living app which can help you reduce traffic, emissions, and even to cut off the costs of your trip while commuting every day. The app helps you find nearby people with whom you can share your commute and even get paid for it as the riders pay the driver for their ride. The users of the app can add credit to their accounts by making a secure payment and 85 percent of what the riders pay goes directly to the driver. The app is available for both Android and IOS mobile phones.

2. Oroeco

Unfortunately, another damaging aspect which has a significant negative impact on our environment is the carbon footprint, mostly of our households. Oroeco is the sustainable living application which allows you to combat the most major problem of the environment which is climate change. This app will help you calculate your daily carbon footprint based on your electricity consumption, transport, and food. The app is an easy and fun rewarding way to help to solve the climate change problem while also improving your lifestyle and saving money as you will receive personalized tips on how to reduce the most pollution while saving your money.

3. Farmstand

Farmstand app is designed to become a community in which people can share between them relevant information such as directions, open times, or photos of the farmers’ markets who sell locally grown food. You will be able to find the closest market from which you can buy healthy food which will both impact the economy of your community and reduce the waste of tons of foods which local farmers can never sell due to the supermarkets which exist in their living areas. Farmstand is available on the IOS App store.

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