[Video] 20 Tips for Eating Healthy On A Budget

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If you’re on a tight budget is it still possible to eat healthy? You bet! Try these helpful tips.

One objection that often comes up when talking about healthy eating is “it’s too expensive.” This is actually a myth – if you know how to shop and what to look for. Healthy living doesn’t have to be expensive. It’s just a matter of taking the time to plan your meals ahead of time, then stick to your grocery list, and keep it within your budget.

In fact, even if you are buying organic, it’s still possible to find organic foods at great prices. For example, our local Kroger often has sales on organic produce that make it even cheaper than regular non-organic produce at other local supermarkets.

You just have to keep your eyes open for sales, and stock up when you can. We bought 6 quarts of organic strawberries earlier this summer for $1 each and froze several bags, and made some into jam; the cheapest organic strawberry jam you’ll ever find anywhere is what you make yourself!

For lots more great tips, check out the video:

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