[Video] 5 Steps to Food Security

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Learn how to take control of your food supply with these 5 helpful steps to food security…

Over the past couple of years, the importance of food security has come to the forefront of the sustainability discussion. More and more people are recognizing the fragility of our monolithic industrial food system, and taking steps to secure their own food supply. Whether this means growing more food at home, raising livestock, or simply making personal connections with local food producers, there are many ways to improve the sustainability of the food supply and take control of our own food security.

Between supply chain issues, weather-related crop failures, and inflation, it may become more difficult to purchase food at the grocery store for many families. This means it is important to take charge of our own food supply as much as possible.

This article defines food security as having 4 different aspects:

  1. Availability – Knowing that we have food systems available no matter what global food security looks like.
  2. Access – We need to know that we always have access to nutritious food whether we live in rural areas or a suburb.
  3. Utilization – Defined as the action of making practical and effective use of something.
  4. Stabilization – Educating ourselves to know that we can physically make our food security a long-term solution.

Whether you live in an urban food desert or an isolated rural area, there are solutions to be had. The main ways to take back control of your food supply are to find and support local food producers, to grow your own food as much as you can, and to become less dependent on food systems by learning to prepare and preserve food for ourselves, rather than relying on “convenience” foods that are pre-made for us by the industrial food system.

In this video, Jess from Roots & Refuge Farm shares 5 steps to ensuring food security for your family, and shares some tips for getting started:

1.) Raise Backyard Chickens

2.) Learn to Compost

3.) Grow Your Own Food

4.) Start Your Own Seeds

5.) Learn How to Cook from Staples

Watch it here:


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