[Video] Seeds of Death – Award-Winning Documentary Reveals The Truth About GMOs

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This award-winning documentary, Seeds of Death, exposes the lies we have been told about GMOs, and pulls back the curtain to reveal the scary possibilities for our planet’s future should genetically modified organisms become our main source of food.

While many remain on the fence when it comes to the safety of consuming large amounts of genetically modified foods, a growing number of consumers are becoming concerned about the potential unknown health risks posed by these foods. Of course, the leaders of our industrial agriculture conglomerate (think Monsanto, Syngenta, etc.) swear by their safety, and the debate continues to rage in the U.S., even while other countries are beginning to ban certain GM items from their store shelves.

However, even if these foods prove not to be hazardous to our health in and of themselves, they are most certainly very harmful to our environment. Many genetically modified crops are developed to allow the plants to withstand higher amounts of pesticides and herbicides, which means that we humans (and our food animals) are consuming higher levels of these highly toxic chemicals. This also increases the amount of chemicals polluting our soils and waterways through increased runoff.

If the health risks of GMOs are not yet clear, the environmental risks certainly are (not to mention the potential ethical issues with ownership of seeds, etc.), and this alone should be enough to make us very, very leery of continuing to produce and consume GMO foods.

This popular documentary explains some of the potential risks of continuing down this uncertain path. Watch the full movie below, while it’s still available!

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